Radio Putra Virtual Server

We have our own VOIP server located a Jakarta Data Center with low latency and low ping. Our VOIP server using opensource mumble application.

We have our own customized apk, available at Google Playstore. If you have difficulties to download it from Google Playstore, you can download and install directly from our server.

Download our apk here.

Information on our server



Port: 64738 (standard port)

Username: Your own username with your location.

Password: There is no password. No need to fill anything.

Other choice to connect to our server


Using PC. Please download client application at Mumble Website. Please choose suitable software for your operating system either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Using Standard APK from Google Playstore or from Apple Playstore. If you want to use standard mumble client for your android or ios, please click link provided below. Your can setup multiple mumble server by using that application.

Android Plumble Black & White Logo

Android Mumla


Android Plumble Blue Logo

Mumble for ios